Tire pressure is a crucial factor that New Castle, DE drivers should not overlook when it comes to maintaining their beloved vehicles. In addition to road safety, your car's gas mileage can also see improvements from proper tire pressure. There are severe consequences when it comes to incorrect tire pressure.

Overinflation, for example, causes an uneven distribution of a car's weight on the tires. This can result in certain areas of the tire becoming softer than others, which will ultimately hurt gas mileage and also increase the difficulty of normal driving due to more substantial rolling resistance.

Underinflation, on the other hand, creates dangerous conditions due to increased friction, which quickly degrades a tire's structure and leads to uneven tread wear. Both blowouts and traction issues then become more likely. Bayshore Ford Truck Sales has a welcoming service department that is ready to inspect your tires in order to ensure proper and safe inflation levels.

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